Challenger II Single Underbench Filtration System

If you own a boat of caravan, space is often a concern. The Challenger II was designed with exactly this problem in mind: an underbench installation utilising the already minimal space. All your cold water at the kitchen or galley sink is filtered. There is no need to install a separate sink tap, which also saves space. This unit can sit and lay in any position.

Challenger V Twin Underbench Filtration System

Let fresh water become a natural part of life with the 'easy to use' Challenger V, our most popular system. This compact and tidy unit mounts under your kitchen sink or in an adjacent cupboard. Water flows through the Challenger sink faucet (many options available) mounted on your sink. Perfect for high contaminant removal for a high volume of water.

Challenger VII Ultra-Violet Filtration System

People who live outside metropolitan areas often rely on tank or even creek water. Understandably, most claim that they prefer these to normal chlorinated town water. Obviously, chemical-free water will taste better, but often these exposed water supplies are contaminated with nasty bacteria and viruses, ending up worse microbiologically than town water. Why should people risk having long-term gastrointestinal problems when a simple solution is using our Ultra-Violet Filtration System?

The Challenger VII is primarily the same as our Challenger V, but also includes a very powerful Ultra-Violet light assembly, which destroys many of the harmful bacteria and viruses that exist within the water supplies mentioned above. After completing the normal filtration process, the water then flows through the ultra-violet light assembly and destroys the microbiological contaminants that have not been filtered out previously. This assembly sits neatly on top of the filtration system.

Unlike many other brands, which don't have any form of reflective lining, ours incorporates a stainless steel lining to ensure a thorough reflective exposure to the water flowing through. Many other brands require the entire Ultra-Violet housing to be disposed of which can become quite expensive. The Challenger VII only needs the lamp inside to be replaced annually.

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Challenger VI Reverse Osmosis Filtration System

Everyday, our bodies are exposed to thousands of pollutants. Doctors tell patients with kidney/liver problems that they must drink plenty of high quality water. This can become quite expensive, particularly if you purchase your water from a supermarket, and how can you be sure the quality is up to your expectations or requirements?

Carbon block filtration is an extremely versatile method. However certain medical situations may require additional purity. Coupled with a Challenger Reverse Osmosis Membrane, housing and storage tank, your water will become free of heavy metals, inorganics, salts and dissolved contaminants, some of which have been linked to causing cancer, alzheimer's and birth defects.

Reverse osmosis is the process by which water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane, leaving unwanted contaminants behind and flushing them out. This leaves clean, fresh tasting water. The process filters contaminants to 1,000,000th of a millimetre.

The complete system is still fairly compact due to a number of the additional components being built into the housing and can be mounted in an adjacent cupboard if space is a problem.

Challenger VIII Reverse Osmosis & Ultra-Violet Filtration System

With all products, there is always one which is the 'Rolls Royce' of the range. This is it!

It's a combination of the Challenger VI and VII. You may think that this unit would be quite bulky, however we designed it to be comfortably mounted under your bench. All you see is the sink faucet.

The water flows exactly as the Challenger VI but has an additional stage - the water is drawn from the holding tank and exposed to powerful Ultra-Violet light before it reaches your glass, giving you the highest quality and freshest tasting water available.

Single Underbench Filtration System - Download

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Twin Underbench Filtration System - Download

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Ultra-Violet Underbench Filtration System - Download

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