Challenger I Single Above Bench Filtration System

This unit is perfectly designed for situations when you don't wish to or cannot modify your existing plumbing work and where bench space is limited. It is compact enough to be placed out of the way, because of the unique 'return dual diverter valve'. Water is diverted from the sink tap (when needed), passed through the filter, and then flows back to the sink tap.

Challenger IV Twin Above Bench Filtration System

When a fully plumbed filtration unit is not an option, and the water supply is distinctively high in sediment, you need a portable and long lasting filtration unit. Challenger IV has been designed to handle these common problems.

Similar to Challenger I, it uses a return dual diverter valve, which allows the unit to be placed or mounted away from the sink area. Should you decide to go on holidays, the unit can be disconnected and reconnected almost anywhere without modification or plumbing.

Single Above Bench Filtration System - Download

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Twin Above Bench Filtration System - Download

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