Standards Australia Requirements

The Challenger V Twin Filtration System has been tested by independent laboratories recognised by Standards Australia and it meets the requirements of AS/NZS 3497:1998 Section 5 (Drinking water treatment units - plumbing requirements) and AS 4020 (Int) - 1994 (Products for use in contact with water intended for human consumption with regard to their effect on the quality of water) which are now necessary requirements for legal plumbing installations.


Carbon Filter

The secondly filter is a solid extruded carbon block filter which provides incredible chlorine and chemical removal over a broad range of contaminants. Manufactured using a patented, solid-state extrusion process, it filters particulates down to an impressive 0.5 micron which meets the performance requirements of NSF 53 for class 1 Turbidity and Cyst reduction (Cryptosporidium and Giardia). The filter is manufactured from a combination of coconut shell and bituminous coal based activated carbon particles, which are fused together into a uniform block with enhanced adsorptive capacity and efficiency. It is wrapped in protective pre-filter media and support mesh, which ensures long-lasting and structural performance.

Other benefits include:
  • No Channelling
  • No Fluidising
  • No Bypassing
  • Eliminates the release of carbon fines

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