Who and What is Challenger Filtration & Water

Challenger Filtration was originally owned by Challenger Pacific A company which was founded by the Waden Family in 1968.

The company diversified over the years into importing, manufacturing, research and development, rentals, and retailing of pool equipment and chemical supplies etc.

The business was then purchased in 2006 by Waterama Pty Ltd, an Australian company with extensive experience in hydraulics, pumps, filtration, manufacturing and more. Waterama then set about dividing the business into 2 separate professional businesses - one being Challenger Filtration & Water and the other covering the swimming pool industry - Waterama Pool & spa.

Today, Waterama has a number of divisions in it's company - all related to water quality and treatment and the provision of the highest quality water.

Challenger Filtration & Water - Sales, Service & rental of a variety of different Water Treatment products and Water Dispensers, including Filters, Purifiers, Softeners.

Gourmet Water - Pure Bottled Water, processed on a daily basis and delivered to businesses and householders alike.

Waterama Pool & Spa - One of Australia's leading Pool Shops and suppliers of all types of Pumps, Filters, Chlorinators, Water Treatment Products, Chemical Dosers, Accessories, Chemicals and more.

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